Promo PA Fondazione Presentation

Promo P.A. is an Italian Foundation, based in Lucca (Tuscany), associated to the European Foundation Centre and to the European Group of Public Administration of Bruxelles.
Its special structure links academic experience and skills with managers and professional leaders involved in the renewal and reform process of the Public Administration.

Promo P.A. supports and promotes the modernizing process of the P.A. by selecting, elaborating and developing real best practices cases of administration and renovation.


Research and certification of the renewal process in progress, also referring to the development of control, auditing and benchmarking standards.
Analysis and of the governance and e-government public policies and implementation of the measurement and merit-rating of the techniques.
Development of knowledge and exchange of experiences of officials and administrators.
Promotion of good management examples and consolidation of a network of administrations.

Promo P.A. promotes innovation, best practices and customer policies, through the aggregation of participants in a knowledge based community.
The accumulation of experiences and the discussion are organized in permanent focuses, organized in Commissions and led by participants, with the presence of experts of the Foundation.
The main focuses are:
–    Cultural heritage, tourism and territorial marketing
–    Public governance
–    Public and private partnership
–    Project financing

Promo P.A. and its knowledge based community wants to spread knowledge through projects, ideas, consultancies and, in particular, it is directly involved in the process of promotion and enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

Main activities

1.    Researches for the Public Administration:
–    Report on the satisfaction of the small-medium enterprises towards Public Administration
–    The Public Administration seen by who manages it
–    The professional needs for the management of cultural heritage in the Local Institutions

2.    Annual meetings and exhibitions:
–    Ener.Loc (Energy, Local Institutions, Environment) – Sassari (Sardinia)
–    Lu.Be.C. (Lucca Cultural Heritage) – Lucca (Tuscany)
–    The role of Provinces in the interinstitutional governance – Viterbo (Lazio)

3.    Projects related to:
–    Strategic programming and control  
–    Measurement of the public policies impact
–    Governance and e-government
–    E-procurement
–    Citizen satisfaction
–    Territorial marketing
–    Tourism and culture development >read more: TOURISM AND COULTURE DEVELOPMENT: FIELD OF ACTION

4.    Trainings for P.A., experts and entrepreneurs:
–    Seminars
–    Courses
–    Masters
–    Preparation to competitions

Antenna Europa

Promo PA Foundation set up a service aimed at European projects called Antenna Europa. It employs senior experts working daily in Lucca and in Brussels; they provide monitoring and analysis of policies, programmes and calls for proposal/tender. Direct as well as structural funds are equally covered.

Antenna Europa strives for finding the fittest funding for PA and SME projects, and providing the customer with information, technical support and training.  

European Project

PromoPA had develop a strong knowledge and experience in the European policies and projects including regarding the The Partnership Instrument, the main innovative instrument of the 2014-2020 package, building on the Instrument for Cooperation with Industrialised countries (ICI), and THE INSTRUMENT FOR PRE-ACCESSION ASSISTANCE (IPA). IPA will help the pre-accession countries implement comprehensive reform strategies needed to prepare for future membership, with an emphasis on the rule of law, fundamental rights, economic governance and competitiveness, tangible socio-economic development, regional cooperation, implementation of EU laws and standards, and capacity to manage the Union's internal policies upon accession.

PromoPa has a multiannual experience in the process of the modernisation of Public Administration and could share its experience in the transfer of the acquis communautaire to pre-accession countries.
At present we are devoloping a transnational network in order to share competences and know-how and to be able to partecipate to european programmes and tenders.