About us

Promo PA is an Italian private Foundation based in Lucca founded in 2003.  Promo PA  promotes and encourages the modernising process of Public Administration trough high specialised research, training course, seminars and conferences and develop projects related to (Strategic programming and control  Measurement of the public policies impact, Governance and e-government, marketing and tourism).


  • Research and certification of the renewal process in progress, also referring to the development of control, auditing and benchmarking standards.
  • Analysis and of the governance and e-government public policies and implementation of the measurement and merit-rating of the techniques.
  • Development of knowledge and exchange of experiences of officials and administrators.
  • Promotion od good management examples and consolidation of network of public authorities.
  • Promo P.A. promotes innovation, best practices and customer policies, through the aggregation of participants in a knowledge based community.
  • The accumulation of experiences and the discussion are organized in permanent focuses, organized in Commissions and led by participants, with the presence of experts of the Foundation.

Main focuses are

  • Culture and tourism
  • Research and innovation
  • Urban development
  • Public procurement
  • Training labour and social policies
  • Environment and energy